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Indulge in the delightful world of Cheese Shots from Induben Khakhrawala. This 200-gram pack is a savory journey of cheesy goodness, offering a perfect blend of flavors and textures. With a generous 60-day shelf life, these bite-sized wonders are crafted to satisfy your cheese cravings anytime, anywhere.

Each Cheese Shot is a symphony of creamy and tangy notes, encapsulated in a crispy shell for a satisfying crunch. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply seeking a flavorful snack, these Cheese Shots promise to elevate your taste experience. Conveniently packaged to preserve freshness, they are an ideal choice for those who appreciate the rich and comforting taste of cheese. Elevate your snacking game with the irresistible allure of Induben Khakhrawala’s Cheese Shots.

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Cheese Khakhra Shots From Induben Khakhrawala
Cheese Shots