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About us

Induben Jhaveri was the first to set up a khakhra shop in the city, when she began selling the product 35 years ago. The shop was small then and selling only few items. Today, the shop sells khakhras in several delicious flavours and lots of snacks. Infact, her products were so appreciated that she came to be known as "Induben Khakhrawala".

Induben began making khakhras in a community house of their community, Visha Oswal of Jains. Little did she show that this venture would one day lead her to become a big name. After 10 years of service in the community house, Induben and her family shifted to the western part of the city at Mithakhali leaving their home in the walled city area. Today, this house serves as the shop selling products made under the banner "Induben Khakhrawala".

A flashback to the early Sixties, Induben's family suffered financial problems and so she began making four to five snacks at home. Initially, Induben used to sell the snacks to neighbours. As most Gujarati's are fond of nasta items, her business grew and within four years she hired four to five assistants to help her meet the increasing demands of the customers. This was in 1961 and by 1970 the shop was doing very well. Induben now sold five varieties of khakhra- sada, masalla, methi, matth and magroli thepla - and these were well appreciated.

Induben was in charge of the business until she fell ill in 1981 and died shortly after that. For Induben, selling khakhras was more than a business. And her dream to sell khakhras and thereby make people happy did not die with her. Soon her daughter-in-law took over the shop and the steady stream of customers continued. Even though the "lady with a magic touch" was not there, people still remember her. Her delicious khakhras and other snacks have ensured that.

In 1990, Hiren Jhaveri, Induben's son, left his service and got into the business to relieve his mothers dream. "It is my mother's good will that the people still come here to buy the products long after she is gone," says Jhaveri.

Today the shop has customers coming in the entire day, but it is in the evenings when fresh khakhras are available that the crowd is maddening.

"We are still the best even though many have used my mother's first name to sell their products. But we have 30 years of goodwill behind us. Its our quality, variety, reasonable prices and my mother's goodwill that the business is thriving and we sell the items made on a daily basis," Jhaveri says.